(A)   All repairs or construction which exceed a cost of $10,000 shall be required to provide on the construction site a bulk construction debris dumpster or trailer constructed of a noncombustible material and suitable for removing the debris so as to prevent litter and provide for fire safety; however, construction debris shall not include neat and orderly stacks of construction materials.  Any container required under the provisions of this section shall be emptied promptly when filled to capacity.  In any case, where more than two cubic yards of construction debris accumulate on a site, prompt removal is required.  No burning of construction debris shall be allowed within the town limits.
   (B)   The Fire Official as described in Chapter 94 is hereby authorized to enforce this § 151.003 in addition to enforcement of this section by the Municipal Building Inspector as provided in § 151.110.
(Ord., passed 9-5-85; Am. Ord. 1043, passed 3-26-87; Am. Ord. 1163, passed 12-19-91)  Penalty, see § 151.999