A.   Each license shall indicate its term. All annual licenses shall be operative, and the license year for the Municipality shall commence on January 1 of each year. No license shall be granted for a period longer than one year. Except where otherwise provided herein, every license shall expire on December 31 following the date of issuance.
   B.   The Clerk shall endeavor to notify each annual licensee of the expiration of time of the license held by the licensee at least one month prior to such expiration date. However, a failure to make such notification, or the licensee's failure to receive it, shall not excuse the licensee from the obligation to obtain a new license or a renewal. (Ord. 04-48, 7-20-2004)
   C.   Except as otherwise provided herein, each license may be renewed upon proper application and payment of the required fee, including payment of all outstanding fines, fees, judgments, costs and penalties owed by the licensee to the Village, County, State or Federal government. The Clerk is authorized to approve and execute license renewals upon determining that this chapter's standards and criteria have been met. (Ord. 2017-12, 6-6-2017)
   D.   Licensees must inform the Clerk in writing of any proposed modifications to a business, including, without limitation, changes, alterations, additions or substitutions concerning or implicating the business's name, ownership, size, and/or location. Proposed modifications to a business's location shall be processed in accordance with section 3-1-10 of this chapter. The Clerk will forward all other proposed business modifications to the Village Board for consideration and approval or denial in accordance with the standards set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 2014-39, 11-5-2014)