Title, Purpose And Definitions   1
Administration And Enforcement   2
General Provisions   3
Zoning Districts; Map   4
Residence Districts   5
R1 Single-Family Residence District   5A
R2 Single-Family Residence District    5B
R3 General Residence District   5C
T1 Single-Family Attached Residence District   5D
Business Districts   6
B1 Restricted Retail Business District   6A
B2 General Business District   6B
Manufacturing Districts   7
M1 Limited Manufacturing District   7A
M2 General Manufacturing District   7B
Planned Unit Developments   8
Off-Street Parking And Loading   9
Nonconforming Buildings, Structures And Uses   10
Trailer Coaches, Trailer Coach Parks   11
In the compilation of this zoning title, the codifiers were authorized by the village of Worth to use the zoning booklet as adopted and published December 15, 1964, which was re- published, as updated, February 1, 1974. Therefore, the provisions derived from said booklet have been cited as follows: "(Ord., 12-15-1964 as amended)". The "as amended" indicates that the text may have been amended by village legislation adopted between the dates of December 15, 1964, and February 1, 1974. Also included in this title are zoning ordinances adopted after February 1, 1974, which are cited in the customary Sterling style, i.e., "(Ord. 82-14, 8-6-1982)".