A.   No license or permit for the operation of a business, establishment or activity in the Municipality shall be construed to permit its operation in more than one location in the Municipality; a separate license or permit shall be required for each location. For the purpose of this Code, the existence of a single location shall be evidenced by the fact that all buildings containing the principal or accessory uses: 1) shall be connected or shall be located on the same lot or parcel, 2) shall be operated and managed by the same person or owner, and 3) shall be an establishment with the same classification. (Ord. 94-41, 11-1-1994)
   B.   The location of any licensed business or occupation, other than the sale of alcoholic liquors 1 , or the location of any permitted act may be changed in accordance with the procedures and requirements set forth in section 3-1-4 of this chapter. (Ord. 2014-39, 11-5-2014)
   C.   The Village Clerk is authorized to issue permits for the use of public sidewalks for the display and sale of commercial goods subject to the following conditions:
      1.   The use of sidewalks for the display and sale of commercial goods shall only be permitted incidental to the operation of a properly licensed business on private contiguous property. This subsection shall apply to both new and used goods.
      2.   The application for the permit shall first be reviewed by the Director of Public Works and no permit shall be issued unless a report is made by the Director of Public Works that the proposed use will not unreasonably interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
      3.   Only two (2) permits per calendar year shall be issued to qualified persons or businesses, and the use of sidewalks for the display and sale of commercial goods shall only be permitted for two (2) consecutive days of the week between nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. and eight o'clock (8:00) P.M. each day. Each permit shall be prominently displayed on the business premises covered by the permit in such a manner that it is easily visible to individuals passing by the premises.
      4.   In no event shall the use of sidewalks permitted by this subsection reduce the open portion of any sidewalk to less than five feet (5') in width. Additionally, no person or business shall sell, offer or expose for sale, or solicit any person to purchase any goods from any vehicular traffic lane on any public way in the Village.
      5.   No permit shall be issued unless the applicant shall furnish to the Village Clerk evidence of public liability insurance, including the Village of Worth as a party insured and insuring the Village of Worth against any liability resulting from the uses permitted pursuant to this subsection. The coverage shall not be less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00).
      6.   Persons or businesses issued permits pursuant to this subsection shall maintain the sidewalk area in a clean and safe condition. (Ord. 05-25, 7-5-2005)



1. See chapter 6 of this title.