Permits are not required for:
   A.   Facilities maintained by a veterinarian for the temporary housing of animals treated in his practice;
   B.   Animal control shelters maintained by the city;
   C.   Buildings and stables maintained at Crystal Beach Park;
   D.   Buildings and stables for animals maintained at the sale barns or stockyards for the purpose of auction and sale of livestock;
   E.   Animals located within the city limits for no more than seven (7) days for the purpose of participation in the annual Elks Rodeo And Parade, annual American Legion Horseraces, or other horseraces to be conducted at Crystal Beach Park, fairs, livestock shows or other exhibitions;
   F.   Animal establishments operated and maintained on a minimum of five (5) acres; provided, however, the establishments must comply with building codes and zoning ordinances;
   G.   Single litters of puppies and kittens under the age of twelve (12) weeks; or
   H.   Animals located at the agricultural barn at the Woodward High School. (2001 Code § 90.56)