A.   Any animal, with the exception of household pets, found at large within the city may be immediately taken or placed into the custody of the city and taken to the city pound and impounded, and be kept therein for a period of at least ninety six (96) hours, and then humanely destroyed, unless sooner redeemed as provided for herein. (2001 Code § 90.38; amd. 2012 Code)
   B.   An animal control officer may impound any dog believed to be vicious or dangerous. Upon impoundment, the animal's owner may make application to the municipal court clerk's office for release of the dog. Such application must be made within ninety six (96) hours of the impoundment or the animal may be humanely destroyed by the city. If application is made, the animal shall be held until the municipal court renders a decision determining that the animal is not vicious or dangerous, or that the owner has complied with the requirements of 4 Oklahoma Statutes section 44 et seq. The owner shall pay a holding fee of five dollars ($5.00) per day and an impoundment fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00), which fees are nonrefundable and shall be paid with the application.
   C.   Any animal not covered by a permit as required by this chapter shall be impounded. (2001 Code § 90.38)