No person, firm or corporation shall maintain any structure within the City in such state of disrepair as to be considered a nuisance or hazard to the health or safety of persons residing in the vicinity of such structure, or of passersby.  Any of the following violations shall be considered a nuisance and the maintenance of the structure to be in a deteriorating condition:
   (a)   Loose bricks falling from exterior walls or chimneys;
   (b)   Cornices and gutters sagging or falling from the structure;
   (c)   Windows containing broken and jagged glass;
   (d)   Open holes within the structure caused by the removal of fixtures and/or stairs, and any open holes upon the exterior of the structure whereby the interior can be viewed;
   (e)   Vacant structures containing any of the above and electric and gas service still connected;
   (f)   Rotted stairs, porches, balconies and steps;
   (g)   Foundations and retaining walls caving in;
   (h)   Any detached structures collapsed and falling in;
   (i)   Buildings in an insecure and unsafe condition;
   (j)   Accumulation of rubbish and trash upon the premises; or
   (k)   Any structure which is vacant and does not have windows, doors or other openings properly secured. 
(Ord.  1983-32.  Passed 6-21-83.)