In accordance with Section 5-1-1.1(F) hereinabove, police applicants who have been employed for at least two (2) year as a full-time, sworn officer of a regular police department in any municipal, county, state or Federal law enforcement agency, and who have been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board or who are qualified to take the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board "Out of State Reciprocity" examination (a "lateral hire"), may be hired by the Chief of Police, pursuant to this Section 5-1-14. Whether to employ a police officer utilizing this Section 5-1-14, rather than Section 2-4-6 of the Willowbrook Municipal Code, shall be determined on a rotating basis by resolution by the Village Board of Trustees, with the first employment of a police officer after the adoption of this Section to be accomplished by utilizing the procedures set forth in this Section 5-1-14, and the second employment of a police officer to be accomplished by the Board of Police Commissioners, as provided by Section 2-4-6 of this Code, and continuing such rotation thereafter. Notwithstanding the above, at any time, the Village Board of Trustees may deviate from such rotation and direct that either the provisions of this Section 5-1-14 or the provisions of Section 2-4-6 of this Code be utilized for the employment of a police officer(s).
   (A)   Each applicant for lateral hire shall, in addition to the eligibility requirements set forth in paragraphs (B) through (E) of Section 5-1-1.1 of this Code:
      1.   Possess a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university; OR possess an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement from an accredited college/university; or have served for twenty-four (24) months of honorable active duty in the United States Armed Forces and have not been discharged dishonorably or under circumstances other than honorable; OR have served for one hundred eighty (180) days of active duty in the United States Armed Forces in duty combat recognized by the Department of Defense and have not been discharged dishonorably or under circumstances other than honorable;
      2.   Be at least twenty-three (23) years old;
      3.   Possess a valid driver's license;
      4.   Agree to comply with all requirements of the position and have the ability to pass all examinations and training requirements; and
      5.   Agree to comply with all requirements regarding Tattoos and Body Art Restrictions contained in the Rules and Regulations of the Willowbrook Police Department.
   (B)   Applicants shall furnish upon request, a copy of the following, to the extent applicable: a resume; professional licenses; training certificates; documents confirming work experience; birth certificate; high school diploma or GED certificate; transcripts of higher learning; naval or military service board and discharge papers (DD-214/Copy 4); last two (2) employee evaluations; two (2) police reports demonstrating best work and any other employment related material as requested or required.
      The process for making a lateral hire pursuant to this Section 5-1-1.1 of the Code shall be as follows:
      1.   The Police Department shall publish a notice for candidates to submit an application for lateral hire, which notice shall state a deadline by which such applications must be received;
      2.   Following the receipt of any applications by a person qualified to be a lateral hire, the Chief of Police shall review the application material of the lateral hire candidate(s);
      3.   Applicants deemed qualified shall thereafter be subject to an interview.
      4.   The lateral hire candidate(s) will be subject to a background investigation, if the candidate passes the interview.
      5.   Qualified applicants who pass the interview and background examination shall be placed in a lateral hire candidate pool.
   (C)   The lateral hire candidate pool that is established will be maintained in alphabetical order. A copy of the lateral hire candidate pool shall be posted in a prominent location in the Police Department. The lateral hire candidate pool will be valid for one year from the first date of posting of the list of candidates in the pool, as noted on the list. Notwithstanding the one-year duration of a lateral hire candidate pool, whenever the lateral hire candidate pool falls below three (3) candidates, the process for creating a new lateral hire candidate pool, as set forth in paragraph (B) hereinabove, shall be commenced, and a new pool created, provided that any applicants who remained in the lateral hire candidate pool when it fell below three (3) candidates shall automatically be added to the new lateral hire candidate pool, without the need to reapply. However, any candidates who were members of the lateral hire candidate pool when it expired upon its one year duration shall be required to reapply for eligibility to become a lateral hire candidate for such subsequent lateral hire candidate pool.
   (D)   The Chief of Police shall have the authority to select a candidate from the lateral hire candidate pool, based upon the relative excellence of the applicants, as determined by the Chief of Police, and shall make a recommendation to the Village Administrator to hire such candidate. Following such recommendation from the Chief of Police, a conditional offer of employment to such lateral hire candidate shall be made, subject to the candidate’s successful completion of post-offer examinations, which shall include, but are not limited to, a psychological assessment, polygraph, medical examination, and drug screening. (Ord. 20-O-41, 9-14-2020; amd. Ord. 21-O-38, 8-9-2021)