(A)   It is hereby provided that, in the event the city enters into a contract with a private attorney or a public or private vendor for the purpose of providing collection services for debts and accounts receivables such as fines, fees, restitution, and other debts or costs, other than forfeited bonds that have been ordered to be paid by the Municipal Court, the city is authorized to add an additional collection fee as provided in Tex. Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 103.0031, as amended.
   (B)   Where the city contracts with an attorney or vendor, the city is hereby authorized to add, as additional collection fee, 30% of each debt or receivable that is more than 60 days past due and has been referred to the attorney or vendor for collection.
   (C)   A person is not liable for the collection fees authorized under divisions (A) and (B) above if the Municipal Court has determined that the defendant is indigent or has insufficient resources or income, or is otherwise unable to pay all or part of the underlying fine or costs.
   (D)   If a private attorney or private vendor collects from a person owing costs ordered paid by the Court an amount that is less than the total costs owed by the person, including collection costs permitted under the attorney's or vendor's contract with the city, the amount of costs collected otherwise required to be sent to the comptroller and the amount permitted to be retained by the city are reduced by an equal percentage in order to fully compensate the attorney or vendor, not to exceed the percentage specified as allowable collection costs in the attorney's or vendor's contract with the county or municipality.
(Ord. 01-0918, passed 9-18-2001)