112.01   Definitions
   112.02   License to manufacture, sell, distribute, and the like
   112.03   Sales license classifications
   112.04   Licenses and permits; expiration; proration of fee
   112.05   Licenses and permits; not to issue to delinquent taxpayers
   112.06   Sale near church, school, or hospital
   112.07   View of interior of sales establishments not to be obstructed
   112.08   Building requirements for on-premises establishments
   112.09   Regulations for beer establishment personnel
   112.10   Unlawful conduct on premises where beer or wine is sold
   112.11   Sale to intoxicated persons prohibited
   112.12   Sale to minors prohibited
   112.13   Employment of minors to sell
   112.14   Purchase by minors
   112.15   Possession or consumption by minors
   112.16   Consumption on street, sidewalk, or alley prohibited
   112.17   Consumption or possession in cemeteries prohibited
   112.18   Consumption in parks prohibited between certain hours
   112.19   Consumption or possession prohibited near public swimming pools
   112.20   Possession prohibited at school athletic events
   112.21   Drunkenness
   112.99   Penalty