(A)   A Merit Commission consisting of five members to be appointed by the Sheriff and approved by the County Board is established. Of the initial appointments to the Commission, one shall be for a two-year term, one for a term of three years, one for a term of four years, one for a term of five years and one for a term of six years. Not more than three of the members appointed may be from the same political party.
   (B)   The compensation for the members of the Commission is fixed on a per diem basis in the sum of per diem as per budget, plus reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses in connection with the performance of their duties.
   (C)   The rules and regulations as submitted by the Merit Commission and listed below in §§ 33.004 through 33.015 are adopted by the County Board.
(1980 Code, § 33.03)  (1965 pp. 723—724, adopted 9-  -1965; 1966 pp. 12—26, adopted 1-  -1966)  (Sup. Rec. Bk. 237, pp. 45, 87—94; Sup. Rec. Bk.     , p. 451, adopted 10-15-1975)  (Res. 03-525, passed 11-20-2003)
   Staffing County Jail, see § 33.016