90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Administrator for animal control program
   90.03   Responsibility of Administrator
   90.04   Bite reporting and investigation
   90.05   Confinement of biting animals
   90.06   Dangerous and vicious dogs
   90.07   Liability of owner of dog, cat or other animal attacking or injuring person or animal
   90.08   Inoculation against rabies
   90.09   Vaccination certificate
   90.10   Registration
   90.11   Evidence of inoculation against rabies
   90.12   Authority to ascertain inoculation against rabies and registration
   90.13   Biting animal; not inoculated against rabies
   90.14   Dogs running at large prohibited
   90.15   Impounded dogs, cats and animals; notice to owner; unredeemed dogs, cats and other animals
   90.16   Impounded dogs, cats and other animals redemption fees
   90.17   Disposal of unwanted animals
   90.18   Barking or howling dog
   90.19   Enforcement; exemption from liability
   90.20   Cooperation in enforcement
   90.21   Contracts with municipalities and agreements with veterinarians
   90.22   Right of entry for inspections; apprehension of dog or other animals; refusal of owner to deliver dog or other animal
   90.23   Cruelty to animals
   90.24   Limits on number of dogs and cats per parcel size in residential areas and multiple pet permits
   90.25   Police dogs
   90.26   Education on animal control and rabies
   90.27   Fees for services pursuant to intergovernmental agreements
   90.99   Penalty