General Provisions
5.2.1 Definitions
5.2.2 Vaccination required; tag
5.2.3 License and registration
5.2.4 Nuisance animals prohibited
5.2.5 Dogs running at large on school grounds
5.2.6 At large
5.2.7 Impounded dogs; records
5.2.8 Notice and redemption
5.2.9 Disposition
5.2.10 Female dogs
5.2.11 Confinement or destruction of certain dogs
5.2.12 Releasing impounded dogs prohibited
5.2.13 Interference with Animal Control Officer or law enforcement officer
5.2.14 Dangerous dogs; insurance
5.2.15 Animals in parks and cleaning up after animals
Animals and Fowl at Large
5.2.30 Livestock and fowl at large prohibited
5.2.31 Duty of Chief of Police; impoundment
5.2.32 Claiming ownership after sale
5.2.33 Fees
5.2.34 Prohibiting leaving of livestock in vehicles
   Deer Control, see Chapter 3 of this title
   Offenses, see Chapter 4 of this title
Editor’s note:
   This chapter is derived from Ords. 219-223, passed 2-3-1969