(a)    When the expenditure of funds for the purchase of supplies or materials, or to provide labor for any work to be performed under a contract exceeds the amount specified by the laws of the State of Ohio for which such purchases or work may be accomplished without advertisement and competitive bidding, such expenditure shall first be authorized and directed by ordinance passed by the Council, and the Mayor, after approval by the Board of Control, as provided in Section 62 of this Charter, shall make a written contract with the lowest and best bidder after advertisement on the same day of each week for not less than two nor more than four consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the City.
   (b)    Compensation of persons and employees; contracts with persons, firms or corporations for services requiring specialized skill, knowledge, or training; and expenditures required because of a real and present emergency arising in connection with the maintenance, operation or repair of Municipal buildings, equipment and facilities, and Municipal services and improvements, when authorized by ordinance adopted by two-thirds vote of all members of the Council, need not be advertised and notices need not be published as provided hereinabove. Modifications and changes to contracts awarded under competitive bidding, and in excess of one thousand dollars, shall first be authorized by ordinance.
   (c)    The Board of Control or, in the case of contracts, orders or expenditures not in excess of one thousand dollars, the Mayor, or the person designated by the Mayor under the provisions of paragraph (a) of Section 63, shall not willfully cause or allow any contract or order to be split or divided into separate orders or contracts in order to avoid the requirements of competitive bidding as provided by this Charter.
   (d)   The Council may authorize, by a majority vote of the members thereof, expenditures, without bidding as required by this Charter, for the acquisition or lease of real property, for the discharge of noncontractual claims against the City, for the joint use of facilities or exercise of powers with other political subdivisions, or for the purchase of products or services of public utilities.
(Amended 11-6-18.)