(a)    The Mayor, the City Treasurer, and the City Auditor shall constitute a Board of Control.
   (b)    No expenditure, contract, or order involving an expenditure in excess of one thousand dollars shall be entered into without the prior approval of the Board of Control. Approval of the Board of Control shall be given by motion passed by a majority vote of the members of said Board. All bids shall be opened and recorded by the Board of Control.
   (c)    The Mayor shall be the Chairperson of the Board of Control. Meetings of the Board of Control may be called by the Mayor upon written or oral notice thereof to the other members of the Board. The Board shall cause written minutes of the meetings of said Board to be made and preserved, and copies of such minutes, when certified by a Board member as "true copies", shall be received in evidence in any Court to prove the action of the Board of Control.
   (d)    Contracts approved by the Board of Control shall be in written form and shall be executed on behalf of the City by the Mayor, provided that such contracts shall not be effective until the City Auditor, or the Auditor's duly authorized representative, shall certify and attach such certificate to said contract, that the amount required to meet the same has been lawfully appropriated for such purpose and is in the treasury or in the process of collection to the credit of an appropriate fund free from previous encumbrances. Every contract made without such a certificate shall be void and no warrant shall be issued in payment thereof, unless the Council shall, by motion passed by a majority vote of the members thereof, authorize the payment thereof. The City Auditor shall not arbitrarily withhold such certificate. Unless otherwise provided by this Charter, the laws of the State of Ohio governing the issuance of certificates of the availability of funds by fiscal officers of municipalities shall apply under this Charter.
   (e)    The Board of Control shall provide procedures whereby the heads of departments, and the Council and other Boards and Commissions may request that contracts, orders, or expenditures be authorized and approved by said Board.
(Amended 11-3-98; 11-6-18.)