(a)    The City Auditor shall keep, in accurate, systemized detail a record of the receipts, disbursements, assets and liabilities of the City, and the recorded facts shall be presented periodically to officials and to the public in such summaries and analytical schedules as shall be necessary to show the full effect of such transactions for each fiscal year upon the finances of the City and in relation to each department of the City government, as required by the Council.
   (b)    The City Auditor shall prescribe the methods of keeping accounts by all departments and the forms of reports to be rendered to him. The City Auditor shall require that daily reports be made to the City Auditor by each department, showing the receipt of all moneys by such department and the disposition thereof. The City Auditor shall keep an account of all appropriations made by the Council and all expenditures made or contracted to be made under such appropriations.
   (c)    The City Auditor shall, at the end of each fiscal year, or more often if required by Council, examine and audit the accounts of all officers and departments and report such findings to the Council. The City Auditor shall upon the death, resignation, removal, recall or expiration of the term of any officer, examine the accounts of such officer and if such officer be found indebted to the City, immediately give notice thereof to the Mayor and the City Attorney, and the latter shall forthwith proceed to collect such indebtedness.
   (d)    The City Auditor shall draw their warrant on the treasury to the order of the person or persons to whom payment is lawfully due, which warrant shall specify the fund upon which it is drawn. No payment, however, of any claim shall be deemed as lawful and subject to payment by the City Auditor unless it be pursuant to an appropriation by Council and approved and authorized as required by the provisions of this Charter relative to contracts. Whenever any claim shall be presented to the City Auditor, the Auditor shall have the power to require evidence that the amount claimed is justly due and that such claim is in conformity with law or ordinance. For that purpose, the Auditor may summon before them any officer, agent, or employee of any department, or any other person, and examine such person upon oath or affirmation relative thereto, which oath or affirmation the Auditor may administer. If the Auditor shall draw a warrant for any claim contrary to law or ordinance, the Auditor and their sureties shall be individually liable for the amount thereof.
   (e)    The City Auditor may appoint such other assistants and clerks in the department as Council may authorize, in accordance with the civil service provisions of this Charter.
   (f)    The City Auditor shall perform all other duties now or hereafter imposed on City auditors under the laws of the State of Ohio and consistent with the provisions of this Charter, or as required by ordinance or resolution or the provisions of this Charter.
(Amended 11-6-18.)