(a) Payment of Fees. The payment of all fees as prescribed and required under the provisions of this Code shall, unless otherwise stated, be made to the Building Department. A receipt shall be rendered to the person making such payment stating the amount and purpose for which such fee has been made.
   (b) Indemnity. Any person to whom a permit or certificate is issued under the provisions of this Code, shall agree by the acceptance thereof to hold the City harmless and free from claims of any person that may be caused by, or arise from, any excavation, fill, use, building construction or related operation. The permitted use or operation shall be conditional upon such agreement and liability.
   (c) Surcharge. The Building Department shall collect a three percent (3%) surcharge on all commercial building permit fees and a one percent (1%) surcharge on all residential building permit fees as prescribed and required hereunder for permits, the acceptance and approval of plans and specifications, and for the making of inspections on all buildings and structures governed by the Ohio Building Code for commercial projects and by the Residential Code of Ohio for residential projects. Such funds collected shall be forwarded to the Ohio Board of Building Standards as prescribed by Rule 4101:2-1-50 OBBC.
(Ord. 011-2014. Passed 4-1-14.)