(a)   As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:
      (1)   "Contractor" means any individual or business entity that:
         A.   Directs, supervises, or has responsibility for the means, method, and manner of construction, improvement, renovation, repair, or maintenance on a building or structure, including a residential building with respect to one or more trades and who offers, identifies, advertises, or otherwise holds out or represents that the individual or business entity is permitted or qualified to perform, direct, supervise, or have responsibility for the means, method, and manner of construction, improvement, renovation, repair, or maintenance with respect to one or more trades on a construction project;
         B.   Performs or otherwise supervises or directs Tradespersons who perform construction, improvement, repair, or maintenance on a construction project with respect to the contractor's trades; or
         C.   Performs any of the work requiring a permit, excluding any homeowner obtained permit, in Section 1301.11 (a).
      (2)   "Tradesperson" means any individual who is supervised or directed by a contractor or who is otherwise employed by a contractor and who engages in construction, improvement, renovation, repair, or maintenance of buildings or structures without assuming responsibility for the means, method, or manner of that construction, improvement, renovation, repair, or maintenance.
      (3) "Building Inspector" means the Chief Building Official or his/her designee.
   (b)   Registration is required by any Contractor prior to performing any work in the City. Before issuance of a Contractor's registration, each registrant shall pay a registration fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) and furnish proof of liability insurance in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) and maintain at all times a surety/performance bond of not less than twenty five thousand dollars (25,000.00) with good and sufficient surety, conditioned to reimburse any person from all damages resulting from any act on the part of such registrant, his agent, or employees, contrary to the provisions of said chapter or any other ordinance of the City or any omission on his part to perform any duties required within. Where a contractor has more than one registration, the twenty five thousand dollar surety and performance bond will be sufficient for all registrants. A registrant must provide written notice to the City of Whitehall thirty days before the cancellation of the liability insurance and/or a surety and performance bond. All bonds and insurance are to run concurrently with registration for one year.
      (1)   All contractors shall comply with all applicable building codes and Codified Ordinances of the City.
      (2)   The City of Whitehall may revoke a Contractor's registration if the work for which the permit is granted does not comply with applicable building codes of the City.
      (3)   All Contractors' registrations shall be effective for one year from the date of the approved application.
   (c)   The following contractors shall have a license from the State of Ohio:
      (1)   Heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor.      
      (2)   Refrigeration contractor.
      (3)   Hydronics contractors.      
      (4)   Electrical contractor.      
      (5)   Plumbing contractor.      
      (6)   Fire suppression system installation contractor.
      (7)   Fire alarm installation contractor.
   The fee for each registration is one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   (d) The following contractors shall also have a City of Columbus license for Whitehall registration:
      (1)   Sewer excavator contractor.
   The fee for this registration shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   (e)   The following individuals, organizations, and businesses are exempt from registering as a Contractor.
      (1)   The owner occupant of a single family dwelling residence or the owner of any one, two or three family dwelling that is used as a rental or leased property, performing any work on the dwelling or premises is not required to register under this section so long as the work is performed with his or her own hands. The owner must qualify with all other procedures, including the Homeowners Statement required by Section 1301.11 .
      (2)   Any charitable or non-profit organization who utilizes volunteers to perform construction activities regulated under this chapter. Such organizations shall submit proof if liability insurance to the Building Department on an annual basis. Any contractors hired by the organization shall be registered.
      (3)   Exemption from Contractor registration does not mean exemption from providing plan submittals and obtaining approvals, building permits, and required inspections to comply with all approved plans and ordinances in effect. (Ord. 011-2014. Passed 4-1-14.)