No person, except a licensed house mover, shall move any building over, upon or across any street or alley or from one location to another within the City. Every person desiring to engage in such business shall obtain a license therefor from the Director of Public Service, for which a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be charged for each house or structure moved. No such license shall be issued until the party applying therefor shall give bond in the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) with good and sufficient securities to the approval of the City Solicitor, conditioned that such party shall pay any and all damages caused by or growing out of the moving of any building which may happen to any tree, pavement, street or sidewalk, or to any telegraph, telephone or electric light pole or wire, or other belonging to the City or to any property owner other than the owner of the building being moved, whether such damage or injury shall be inflicted by such party or his agents, employees or workmen or independent contractors and conditioned further that such party shall pay any and all damages that may happen to any person, in the use of the streets or alleys of the City, caused by the occupancy of such street or alley by a building being moved or left standing therein in violation of any of the terms of this chapter, and conditioned that such party shall save and indemnify and keep harmless the City against all liability, claims, judgments, damages, costs and expenses which may in any way accrue against the City in consequence of the granting of such license, and shall, in all things, strictly comply with the conditions of such license and with the conditions of any permit which may be issued as provided herein. Nothing contained in this section shall apply to the removal of any building, the width of which is not more than eight feet and not more than ninety-nine square feet in content. Each such license issued by the Director of Public Service shall be revoked by him for fraudulent use thereof or continued violation of any of the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 38-87. Passed 5-5-87.)