(a)    No person shall operate an alarm system without first obtaining a permit as required by this chapter, or after having a permit revoked or suspended and having exhausted the right of appeal, fail to disconnect the alarm system.
      (1)    Each day of such unpermitted use shall constitute a separate violation
   (b)    No alarm permit holder shall allow more than two chargeable false alarms, as defined by Section 715.08, to be transmitted to public safety personnel during the immediately preceding one-year calendar period. An alarm will be classified as false if the responding public safety personnel see no evidence of fire, robbery, burglary, vandalism, unauthorized intrusion or medical emergency.
      (1)    If the permit holder proves that the alarm was caused by an event not reasonably foreseeable and which could not have been prevented by the proper adjustment or pre-setting of the sensor threshold, the alarm will be designated a nonchargeable false alarm. Such evidence shall be presented to the Director of Public Safety within seven days of the false alarm. Failure to provide the evidence in a timely manner shall exclude any consideration of the evidence.
   (c) After three officially chargeable false alarms in any permit year, the Director or his designated representative shall review the alarm holder's permit and shall:
      (1)    Send to the permit holder a letter of warning that charges shall be assessed at the rates stated within Section 715.08; and
      (2)    If more than six false alarms have been transmitted, then the Director may recommend to the Mayor continuance of the permit or revoking of the permit for up to a maximum of six months; or
      (3)   If the permit holder has a history of false alarms and/or is uncooperative and/or unresponsive to requests by safety forces to take corrective steps to cure the problem, then the Director may revoke the permit and issue an order requiring the system be removed forthwith.
         A.   The Director may order the disconnection of any alarm system upon forwarding a recommendation of suspension or revocation of an alarm permit to the Mayor, pending his review and any appeals.
         B.   No permit holder shall fail to disconnect his alarm system upon order of the Director as set forth herein
   (d)    Whoever violates subsection (a), (b) or (c) hereof, or any subparagraph thereof, is guilty of a minor misdemeanor in addition to any other fine or service charge provided by this chapter.
   (e)    No alarm holder shall knowingly allow his alarm system to be used by any person to create a false alarm as defined in this chapter.
      (1)    Whoever violates subsection (e) hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. In addition the alarm Permit may be suspended or revoked for up to one Year
   (f)   No person, organization or business shall fail to notify the Director of the installation or removal or termination of an alarm system as required by Section 715.02(d). Whoever violates this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 43-92. Passed 7-21-92.)