(a)    Application for any license shall contain a notarized letter of sponsorship from a recognized Internal Revenue Service non-profit entity that is domiciled within the city limits. Responsibility for all applications, licenses, permits, fees, and bonds are on the owner or operator. Application for any license as required under Section 705.01 shall be made by the owner or operator in writing to the Mayor and shall contain such information as to the type of operation, sanitation procedures to follow, provisions of providing for electricity, maintenance of facilities to prevent fire and such other information as the Mayor may require.
(Ord. 55-10. Passed 10-5-10.)
   (b)    The Mayor may issue a license to the owner or operator in compliance with this chapter, which license shall be exhibited at all times in a prominent location and produced upon demand by a police officer or other one designated by the Mayor.
   (c)    The Mayor shall further require, before issuance of such license, satisfactory evidence that such show contains nothing repugnant to the public morals, health, peace, safety and welfare of the City. (Ord. 70-68. Passed 6-4-68.)