(A)   Each property owner shall be charged a compliance inspection fee of $10 per year per unit. Such fee shall be reduced by 50% for the inspection of all units in excess of 11 contained either within a single multi-family apartment building or located in separate buildings on the same lot.
   (B)   Charge for missed appointments: $10, unless providing notification at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
   (C)   Court appearances: $15 per hour shall be charged to the requesting party when scheduling is at least 24 hours in advance; $30 per hour when appearances are scheduled within 24 hours of hearing.
   (D)   Real estate pre-sale inspections: $50 per hour, a one hour minimum charge shall be assessed where an inspection is requested to determine if a rental property is in compliance with the State Building Code.
   (E)   Preparation and issuance of duplicate certificate of use and occupancy: $1.
   (F)   Re-inspections: $10 per unit for each inspection requiring more than two inspections for compliance.
   (G)   Application fees for Board of Appeals hearings shall be $30.
(Ord. passed - -2018)