§ 1282.34   OUTDOOR SALES.
   (a)   Required separation from street.  All outdoor sales areas and accompanying off-street parking areas shall be separated from the public right-of-way by a landscaped area at least ten feet in width.  Shrubs shall be planted within such area.  Such shrubs shall be a minimum of one foot high at time of planting, maintained no taller than three feet high, and shall be planted at such density to form a continuous hedge effect at maturity.  All such plantings shall be maintained with necessary care to ensure their survival.  Any plant material that dies or otherwise becomes unhealthy shall be immediately replaced with like planting material.
   (b)   Temporary outdoor sales.  Temporary outdoor sales may be permitted in accordance with the following.
      (1)   A site layout illustrating the location of the temporary sales activity, parking spaces deleted, and relocated area for such parking spaces is approved by the Village Planning Commission.
      (2)   The goods offered to the public shall be displayed from within an enclosure.  Such enclosure may be a truck, a trailer, a tent, or other similar vehicle or structure.  Plants offered at temporary garden centers are not required to be displayed within such enclosure.
      (3)   Additional temporary sales will not require separate approval if such activity adheres to the approved layout, a zoning permit is obtained for each successive year, and the activity has not been adjudged by a court of law to be a hazard, nuisance, noisome condition, or in violation of any applicable rules, regulations, and ordinances of the Village of West Alexandria.
      (4)   Temporary sales may be permitted under one, but not both, of the following time period schemes:
         A.   A maximum of 14 consecutive days within any six month period for any goods not customarily seasonal in nature; or
         B.   A maximum of 90 days within any 12 month period for any seasonal items that are customarily sold at certain times of the year.
      (5)   Not more than 20% of the site shall be devoted to outdoor storage or display space.
(Ord. 652, passed 11-8-1999)