Rat Control
1109.01   Definitions.
1109.02   Rat proofing of business buildings required.
1109.03   Rat proofing notice.
1109.04   Compliance.
1109.05   Duty to keep premises rat proof.
1109.06   Right of entry of Health  Officer.
1109.07   Right to close buildings.
1109.08   Condemnation.
1109.09   Removing rat proofing, prohibited.
1109.10   Rat proofing required in construction.
1109.11   Rat proofing required in food storage buildings.
1109.12   Storing food in rat proof containers.
1109.13   Storing animal or vegetable matter.
1109.14   Placing garbage on vacant lots prohibited.
1109.15   Storing lumber, boxes.
1109.99   Penalty.