EDITOR'S NOTE:  This Part contains the Charter of the City of Wellsburg as same as set out in Acts 1931, ch. 82, as amended, passed February 11, 1931, and in effect from passage.  Dates appearing in parentheses following section headings indicate those sections were subsequently amended, added or repealed on the date given.
Sec. 1.      City as Body Corporate; Powers of City; Title to City Property, etc.
Sec. 2.      City Limits.
Sec. 3.      Officers.
Sec. 4a.   Powers and Duties of Mayor Generally.  (6-19-81)
Sec. 4b.   City Manager.  (6-19-81)
Sec. 5.      Wards and Precincts Generally.
Sec. 6.      Elections; Terms of Office.  (2-25-57)
Sec. 7.      Oath of Office.
Sec. 8.      Qualification of Voters.
Sec. 9.      Composition of City Council; Election and Terms of Office of Councilmen. (2-25-57)
Sec. 10.   Elective Officers Enumerated; Referendum as to Election of Police Chief; term of City Clerk.  (2-25-57)
Sec. 10A   Vacancies; Elected Officials. (12-10-96.)
Sec. 11.   Street Commissioner.
Sec. 12.   Establishment of Powers, Duties and Compensation of Officers.
Sec. 13.   Tie Votes.
Sec. 14.   Contested Elections.
Sec. 15.   Vote by Mayor; Committees of City Council; Interest of Councilmen.
Sec. 16.   Record of Council Proceedings.
Sec. 17.   Duties of City Clerk.
Sec. 18.   Record of Council Meetings To Be Signed by Presiding Officer, etc.
Sec. 19.   Powers of City Council Enumerated.
Sec. 20.   Licensing Power Generally; Fortunetelling, etc., Prohibited.
Sec. 21.   Curbing, Paving Streets, Sidewalks, etc., Sewers and Gutters.
Sec. 22.   Semiannual Report by City Collector.
Sec. 23.   Powers of City Council as to Zoning, etc.
Sec. 24.   Chief of Police.  (12-14-54; 2-18-75; 6-19-81)
Sec. 25.   Condemnation.
Sec. 26.   Council Meetings.
Sec. 27.   Conduct of Elections.
Sec. 28.   Payment of Salaries.
Sec. 29.   Prerequisites to Appropriating Money.
Sec. 30.   Ordinances as Evidence.
Sec. 31.   Maintenance of Roads Outside City Limits.
Sec. 32.   Sidewalk Construction.
Sec. 33.   Publication of Annual Financial Statements; Contents of Annual Financial Statement, etc.
Sec. 34.   City Tax Bills.
Sec. 35.   Collection of Taxes.
Sec. 36.   Taxes as a Lien; Uncollectible Taxes.
Sec. 37.   Power of Council To Pass Orders, etc., Ordinances, etc.; Enforcement and Construction of Ordinances.
Sec. 38.   Public Utilities.  (12-10-96.)
Sec. 39.   Tax Levy for 1931.
Sec. 40.   Validity of Ordinances, etc.; Ordinances Conflicting with Charter.
Sec. 41.   Repeal of Inconsistent, etc., Acts.
   An Act to amend and re-enact chapter fourteen of the Acts of the legislature, passed February 21, 1887, entitled An Act to Create a Municipal Corporation of the City of Wellsburg, in the County of Brooke and to Grant a Charter thereto, to Amend a Charter of the City of Wellsburg and all Acts of the Legislature Amendatory thereon.
   Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
   That chapter fourteen of the Acts of 1887, and all Acts of the legislature amendatory thereof, be amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows: