Each candidate for Mayor or Councilman or to remain a Mayor or member of the City Council, shall
   (A)   Be a registered elector.
   (B)   Be a citizen of the United States for at least ten years.
   (C)   Not have been convicted under the laws of the State of West Virginia, or of the United States, of any offense involving malfeasance in public office, or a violation of the registration or election laws.
   (D)   Not hold any other appointed or elected office in the City, County or the State of West Virginia except as is hereafter set forth in this Charter.
   (E)   Not hold office as Councilman or Mayor if he fails to attend the regular monthly Council meetings six times within the City’s fiscal year or whose residence is changed to a point outside the ward for which he has been elected or, if Mayor, outside the city limits.
   (F)   Any officer of the City who shall become or be directly or indirectly interested in any contract or in the profits to be derived therefrom with the Municipality shall forthwith forfeit his office; and in addition thereto, any such contract shall be void and unenforceable against the City; and the acceptance by any officer of any interest in such contract or of any gift or gratuity from any person, firm or corporation dealing with the City which might influence the officer in the discharge of any duty, shall disqualify the person forever from holding any office or employment in the government of the City of Weirton; and in addition, such person shall be subject to criminal prosecution under any ordinances of the City or laws of the State of West Virginia.
(Am. Ord. 2064, passed 3-25-19; Am. Ord. 2065, passed 3-25-19; Am. Ord. 2066, passed 3-25-19; Am. Ord. 2067, passed 3-25-19)