(a)   The Commission on Aging shall, immediately after its appointment, meet and organize by electing one of its members as Chairperson. The Secretary of the Commission shall be the Senior Citizen Director of the City. The Commission shall meet not less than once each month for the transaction of its business.
   (b)   The powers and duties of the Commission, which shall be exercised and performed as herein provided, and in conformity with the City Charter and the general ordinances of the City, shall be to:
      (1)   Confer with and advise the Mayor, Council and the City Manager on programs and services which are beneficial to the aging;
      (2)   Develop, compile and disseminate information which is necessary for the implementation of programs and services to be undertaken by the Commission;
      (3)   Cooperate and work in conjunction with other departments and commissions established within the framework of the City government, as well as with other governmental agencies and community and civic groups that are interested in enriching the lives of the aged;
      (4)   Periodically survey conditions within the City to determine whether or not the community affords those services and facilities that are conducive to a healthy meaningful existence for the aged;
      (5)   Provide, wherever possible, services to the aged which, because of either financial or physical disability, they are unable to provide for themselves;
      (6)   Assist in the creation of rewarding social and recreational programs for the aged in an enriched community environment;
      (7)   Inform and warn the aging of fraudulent, unethical or unfair business practices to which they might become prey;
      (8)   Provide the aging with opportunities for creative self-expression; and
      (9)   Instill in the aging a sense of dignity and self-respect so that they may consider themselves an integral segment of the community.
   (c)   The Commission shall submit its monthly minutes to Council, setting forth the character and extent of the work accomplished under its supervision during the preceding month pursuant to the powers and duties authorized by this chapter.
   (d)   The Commission, subject to Council approval, shall make rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 3-20-79.)