1155.03  PROCEDURE.
   Applications for planned developments and the procedures for consideration and approval shall be the same as for other special uses in Chapter 1148.  Consideration by the Planning Commission shall require the following additional requirements:
   (a)   Development Plan - Preliminary.
      1.   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant.
      2.   Name, address, and phone number of registered surveyor, registered engineer and/or urban planner assisting in the preparation of the preliminary development plan.
      3.   Copy of certificate of title for the property showing the legal description of all properties either wholly or partially within the development.
      4.   Description of existing use of the property.
      5.   Zoning classification of the existing property.
      6.   A document showing the relationship of the development to the City Zoning Plan and to existing schools and other community facilities and services for the area.
      7.   Proposed schedule for the development of the site.
      8.   Evidence that the applicant has sufficient control over the land in question to initiate the proposed development plan within two (2) years.
      9.   A written statement by the developer setting forth the reasons why, in his opinion, the development would be in the public interest.
      10.   A preliminary drawing as herein defined with emphasis on lots, dwelling units, public utilities, public roads, etc.
      11.   A plan for storm drainage as herein defined.
      12.   Documents showing the general location and extent of present and proposed physical facilities including housing, dwelling units, industrial and commercial uses, streets, sidewalks, parks, wooded areas, schools, and other community facilities.
      13.   Specifies in writing the goals, objectives, and policies of the development.
      14.   The developer's landscape plans and how they blend with the existing landscape and topography.
      15.   A statement outlining the effects of the development on the landscape and on surrounding parcels.
      16.   Ten (10) copies shall be provided to the Municipal Administrator.
   (b)   Drawing - Preliminary.  The preliminary drawing shall be drawn at a scale not less than one hundred (100) feet to the inch and shall be on one or more sheets.  All sheets shall be numbered consecutively, dated, and signed by a registered surveyor.
   The preliminary drawing shall contain the following information:
      1.   Proposed name of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or closely approximate the name of any other subdivision in the City.
      2.   Location by section, range, and other surveys.
      3.   Names, addresses and phone numbers of the owner, subdivider, and professional engineer and registered surveyor who prepared the drawing and appropriate registration numbers and seals.
      4.   Date of survey.
      5.   Scale of the drawing, North point.
      6.   Boundaries of the subdivision and its acreage.
      7.   Names of adjacent subdivisions, owners of adjoining parcels of land, and the location of their boundary lines.
      8.   Locations, widths, and names of existing streets, railroad rights-of-way, easements, parks, permanent buildings, and corporation and City lines; location of wooded areas and other significant topographic and natural features within and adjacent to the development for a minimum distance of two hundred (200) feet.
      9.   Zoning classification of the tract and adjoining properties and a description of proposed zoning changes.
      10.   Existing contours at an interval of not greater than one (1) foot.
      11.   Existing sewers, water lines, gas lines, culverts and other underground structures, and power transmission poles and lines, within and adjacent to the tract.
      12.   Location, names and widths of proposed streets and easements.
      13.   Building setback lines within dimensions.
      14.   Location and dimensions of all proposed utility and sewer lines, showing their connections with the existing system. Location of proposed rights of ways, utility easements for water, sewer, drainage, electricity, telephone, natural gas and other utilities.
      15.   Layout, numbers, and approximate dimensions of each lot.  When a lot is located on a curved street or when side lot lines are not at ninety (90) degree angles, the width at the property line shall be shown.
      16.   Parcels of land in acres to be reserved for public use or to be reserved by covenant for residents of the subdivision.  Such parcels shall contain dimensions and be clearly marked.
      17.   A vicinity map at a scale of not less than two thousand (2,000) feet to the inch shall be shown on, or accompany, the preliminary drawing.  This map shall show all existing subdivisions, roads, and tract lines and the nearest existing thoroughfares.  It shall also show the most advantageous connections between the roads in the proposed subdivision and those of  the neighboring areas.
      18.   The perimeter legal description of the proposed development shall match the boundary survey of the subdivision.
      19.   Statement of proposed use of lots, giving type and number of dwelling units by lot number and type of business or industry.
      20.   Location and approximate dimensions of all existing buildings.
      21.   For commercial and industrial development, the location, dimensions, and approximate grade of proposed parking and loading areas, alleys, pedestrian walks, streets, and the points of vehicular ingress and egress to the development.
      22.   Description of proposed covenants and restrictions.
      23.   In a letter accompanying the request for approval of the development, the applicant shall attach letters from the City Engineers, indicating the availability and capacity of existing utilities.
   (c)   Development Plan - Final.  The final development plan shall be in conformance with the preliminary development plan, however, it shall contain all changes, covenants, restrictions, etc. as required by any Agency, Commission, and/or Legislative body.  At a minimum the final development plan shall contain the following:
      1.   All the information required on the preliminary development plan; the location and survey sizes of lots, location and proposed density of dwelling units, non-residential building intensity; and land use considered suitable for adjacent properties.
      2.   A survey of the proposed development site, showing the dimensions and bearings of all the property lines, area in acres, topography, existing features of the development site, including major wooded areas, structures, streets, easements, utility lines, and land uses.
      3.   A schedule for the development of units to be constructed in progression and a description of the design principles for buildings and streetscapes, tabulation of the number of acres in the proposed project for various uses, the number of housing units proposed by type; estimated residential population by type of housing; estimated non-residential population; anticipated timing for each unit; and standards for height, open space, building density, parking areas, population density and public improvements proposed for each unit of the development whenever the applicant proposed an exception from standard zoning districts or other ordinances (resolutions) governing development.
      4.   Engineering feasibility studies and plans showing water, sewer drainage, electricity, telephone, and gas installations; waste disposal facilities; street improvements and nature and extent of earth work required for site preparation and development.
      5.   Site plan, showing building(s), various functional use areas, circulation, and their relationship.
      6.   Building plans, including floor plans and exterior elevations.
      7.   Landscaping plans.
      8.   Deed Restrictions, protective covenants, and other legal statements or devices to be 'used to control the use, development and maintenance of the land, and the improvements thereon, including those areas which are to be commonly owned and maintained.
      9.   Ten (10) copies of the final development plan shall be given to the Municipal Administrator.
      l0.   One (1) copy of the final development plan shall be recorded in the Lucas County Recorders Office and notification in writing of such filing shall be conveyed to the Municipal Zoning Inspector.
      11.   Zoning Approvals shall not be issued for any final development plan or subdivision requiring such a plan until the above stipulations and all subdivision regulations required in the Waterville Zoning Code have been complied with by the developer.
         (Ord. 10-92.  Passed 10-26-92.)