To initiate development of a specific improvement the owner of a lot within the park shall meet the following requirements:
   (a)   Lots within the Park may be created using the “Minor Subdivision” procedures specified in Chapter 1113 excluding Section 1113.03(b) which shall not apply in this district.  All dedicated roadways and utility installations shall require a final plat as stipulated in Chapter 1117.  All such improvements shall meet the requirements stipulated in Chapter 1119 and all other applicable requirements of the Planning and Zoning Code.
   (b)   No improvement of any kind shall be installed, erected, placed, constructed, assembled or permitted to remain on any of the properties within the Park until and unless the proposed use and nature, shape, size, color, architectural design, material, location and landscaping, paving plans, curbing and storm drainage, have been submitted in writing to the ARC and the ARC has approved in writing such development plans and specifications as conforming to the Development Standards and PBP District regulations.  A majority vote of the ARC on conformity of the submitted plans and specifications with the Development Standards and the PBP District regulations shall be the final determining factor for the approval or disapproval of the proposed improvements by the ARC.  The ARC shall attach any conditions they deem appropriate as part of the approval process.
   (c)   Development plans submitted to the ARC for approval shall include:
      (1)   Site plan.
      (2)   Elevation views (including finish materials and colors).
      (3)   Landscape plan.
      (4)   Grading and utility plan.
   At a minimum, these plans shall include, without limitations, plot plans showing proposed land contouring or grades, buildings, proposed setbacks, parking areas with parking stalls indicated, loading facilities, access ways, other paved areas, and landscaping, including planting areas, elevations and signs.  The specifications shall describe types of construction, colors and materials to be used, and shall comply with Section 1147.03 of the Planning and Zoning Code.  Approval of drawings should be obtained from the ARC before application for a zoning certificate is made and before plans are filed with the Municipality.
   (d)   The ARC shall review the development plans against the requirements established in the Development Standards and the PBP District.  The ARC shall certify that the development plan is in compliance with the Development Standards.  The applicant shall submit the approved plans to the Municipal Administrator and make application for a zoning certificate.  Any variances from the Development Standards must be approved by the Planning Commission per Section 1119.11 .
      (Ord. 02-06.  Passed 3-13-06.)