In the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District, no premises shall be used and no building shall be erected or used for one of the following purposes unless approved by the Planning Commission pursuant to the procedures and guidelines outlined in Sections 1148.03 through 1148.10:
   (a)    Art creation, stained glass creation and repair and furniture creation and repair; provided there is no objectionable smoke, gas, odor, dust or noise and all operations are confined to the interior of the building or buildings with no outdoor storage of raw materials, manufactured items or waste products.
   (b)    Banks and Savings and Loan Associations with drive-through facilities.
   (c)    Bars, taverns, cocktail lounges, nightclubs, and similar places of amusement or entertainment.
   (d)    Commercial, recreational or amusement development for temporary, seasonal periods only.
   (e)    Community centers and senior centers.
   (f)    Display rooms for merchandise to be sold at wholesale, provided that merchandise stocks are stored elsewhere.
   (g)    Dwellings, Apartments, above the first floor of a commercial use.
   (h)    Exterminator service.
   (i)    Food and grocery stores of 5,000 square feet or more (supermarkets).
   (j)    Museums.
   (k)    Other uses as are deemed compatible and harmonious with the authorized uses permitted in any district and which are determined not to be detrimental to the general welfare or safety of the community as a whole.
   (l)    Pet stores and supplies.
   (m)    Recreational facilities, outdoor, including golf courses, country clubs, yacht clubs and marinas, swimming pools, tennis courts, and similar facilities.
   (n)    Retail Centers on a minimum parcel size of five (5) acres, subject to the site plan approval of the Planning Commission and Council. Site plans shall meet the requirements of Section 1155.03 and indicate suitable provision for access management, parking areas pursuant to Section 1145.05, landscaping equivalent to the requirements listed in Section 1144A.07, signage pursuant to Chapter 1315, and other facilities or requirements ordinarily accepted as comprising a shopping center. If a retail center is to be developed in phases, then each phase shall be identified in the site plan.
   (o)    Retail sales, General merchandise (department stores; computer sales; furniture; hardware; home furnishings; household appliance; mail order houses; radio, television, and music stores; and other similar stores not elsewhere classified, but not subject to Chapter 1150 [SOB].
   (p)    Service and repair shops for the repair of light machinery and appliances, electronic equipment, shoes and uses of a similar nature, provided that not more than five persons are employed and that no manufacturing is done.
   (q)    Vehicle fueling stations without repair garage.
   (r)    Vehicle washing facility, Self-service.
   (s)    Vehicle, trailer, or boat body shop establishments provided that all parts, material, or damaged, dismantled, or junked vehicles, trailers, and boats are stored inside a building on the premises.
   (t)    Vehicle, trailer, or boat sales or minor repair or service establishments provided that no vehicle, trailer, or boat shall be displayed or parked in a required yard setback; provided that outside display of vehicles, trailers, and boats for sale shall be suitably screened or fenced; and provided that all inventory of parts, materials, or damaged, dismantled, or junked vehicles, trailers, and boats are stored inside a building on the premises.
   (u)    Vehicle, trailer, or boat temporary, daily, or overnight parking as a principal use on a parcel, provided that outside parking lots shall be suitably screened or fenced from view of the public right-of way or adjacent residential properties.
   (v)    Veterinary clinics or animal hospitals with no outside kennels or open runways and where animals are not boarded unless required for observation for medical diagnosis or following surgery.
      (Ord. 19-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)