(A)   No tents, tables, chairs, or other displays shall be placed at the designated vending area. Signage shall be limited to signs permanently or magnetically affixed to the vehicle. One A-frame sign shall also be permitted. This sign must be within ten feet of the vehicle and is limited to six square feet per side (two-sides permitted).
   (B)   Mobile truck vendors are not permitted to connect to city water, electric, or other utility to conduct business, unless approved by the city.
   (C)   When streets are not closed, mobile truck vendors shall only permit sales from the curb side of the vehicle when parked on a city street. No service area for the operation of mobile truck vending shall block, obstruct, or interfere with vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic flow.
   (D)   Mobile truck vendors must also provide for the sanitary collection of all refuse, litter, and garbage generated by patrons using the service, and remove all such waste materials from the location before the vehicle departs.
(Ord. 1720, passed 4-3-2017; Am. Ord. 1826, passed 7-6-2021)