A.   Any aggrieved party of record shall have the right to obtain judicial review by filing a petition for judicial review in the district court in and for Black Hawk County in which the alleged discriminatory or unfair practice was committed, or to the county in which any respondent resides or transacts business.
   B.   Said proceedings shall be initiated by the filing of a petition within thirty (30) days after the commission has issued or refused to issue a final order. Service of the petition shall be made pursuant to Iowa Code section 17A.19. Thereafter, Iowa Code chapter 17A, and any amendments thereto, shall control the proceedings for judicial review.
   C.   If no proceeding to obtain judicial review is instituted within thirty (30) days from the service of an order of the commission under this section, the commission may obtain an order of the court for the enforcement of such order upon the showing that respondent is subject to the jurisdiction of the commission and resides or transacts business within the county in which the petition for enforcement is brought.
   D.   Appeal from the district court may be taken as in other civil cases, regardless of the amount involved. (Ord. 4064, 1-3-1995)