(A)   In lieu of an individual permit for each installation or alteration, an annual permit shall, upon application therefor, be issued to any person regularly employing one or more electricians for the installation, alteration and maintenance of electrical equipment in or on buildings or premises owned and occupied by the applicant for the permit. The application for this annual permit shall be made to the Electrical Inspector and shall contain a description of the premises on which work is to be done under the permit.
   (B)   Before an annual permit is issued to any person, the qualifications of the individual under whose supervision the work is to be done will be submitted to the Electrical Inspector. The Inspector will review the qualifications of the individual and, if he deems it desirable, require the individual to submit himself for examination as the Inspector requires. Minimum qualifications for master electricians shall be complied with under P.A. 493 of the General Statutes, Special Session, February, 1965, pertaining to licenses issued by the state.
   (C)   The person to whom an annual permit is issued shall keep a record of all electrical equipment installed under the permit and the Electrical Inspector shall have access to the records.
   (D)   Each annual permit shall expire on December 31 of the year in which it was issued.
   (E)   Any person having an annual permit shall be required to abide by the existing schedule of fees in § 151.12 when the cost of the work exceeds $1,000.
(1967 Code, § 6-20)
   (F)   Upon acceptance of the person under whom supervision of electrical work will be done under an annual permit, an annual permit will be issued to the person upon payment of the required fees for electrical work to be done on the property owned and occupied by the holder of the permit. The foregoing exemptions for permit requirements shall not be deemed to permit or allow any electric wiring to be done in a manner contrary to other provisions of this chapter.
(1967 Code, § 6-21)
   (G)   A fee as set forth in the schedule of fees, charges, penalties and rewards attached to the annual budget of the city, pursuant to § 41.11 of this code shall be paid for each annual permit at the time the permit is issued.
(1967 Code, § 6-22)
(Ord. passed 11-14-1966; Ord. passed 8-19-2013)  Penalty, see § 151.99