It is the policy of the county that all locks, entry and exit access, surveillance cameras or policies, and any or all other security measures in all county owned buildings or facilities, including building fixtures or other appurtenances within said buildings or facilities (“security measures”) shall be subject to the exclusive authority of the Board of Commissioners. Subject to any exemptions granted by the Board of Commissioners from time to time, any alterations, modifications, or changes to security measures must first receive the approval of the Board of Commissioners by forwarding a request to the County Administrator, who shall thereupon present said request for official action by the Board of Commissioners as soon as reasonably practical. In the case of an emergency, the security measure may be enacted with written consensus of a majority of the Board of Commissioners, but said security measure shall be submitted for formal action by the Board of Commissioners at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The County Administrator may establish administrative rules and procedures for the implementation of this section.
(BC Ord. 2015-03, passed 2-9-15)