A zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate for a satellite earth station may be granted for any location in any zoning district in the city subject to the conditions as set forth in this subchapter. Said zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate may be in addition to any use otherwise permitted or conditionally permitted on the premises. Prior to granting any conditional zoning certificate for a satellite earth station, the Planning Commission shall ascertain that the general standards for conditional uses detailed in § 154.544 have been met; and in addition, the Planning Commission shall also consider the negative impact an earth station installation will have on the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood and the overall safety in the adjacent area. In addition, the Zoning Inspector and Planning Commission shall consider and apply the following general requirements for all earth stations.
   (A)   No earth station, including its concrete base or slab, shall be constructed closer than ten feet from any property line.
   (B)   No earth station shall have advertising or signage on any part of its structure.
   (C)   Both roof- and ground-mounted earth stations shall be appropriately landscaped or screened to conceal said earth station from view. The planting shall have a minimum height of one-half the height of the earth station at finished construction and installation height except in the direction of the intercept and be completed before final zoning approval by the Zoning Inspector. Roof-mounted units must be appropriately screened from view.
   (D)   Any earth station must be designed to withstand a wind force of 80 miles per hour without the use of supporting guy wires.
   (E)   All structural supports for earth stations shall be of a rust resistant metal.
   (F)   All wiring between the earth station and a receiver shall be placed a minimum of six inches below grade within rigid conduit.
   (G)   Any earth station must be bonded to a grounding rod.
   (H)   Any driving motor shall be limited to 110V maximum power design and shall be encased in protective guards.
   (I)   A licensed architect or engineer or manufacturer's engineering specifications must certify that the structural mounting for a roof-mounted earth station will withstand a wind force of 80 miles per hour.
   (J)   Earth stations in single- and multi-family residential districts shall be used only for private, noncommercial purposes.
('65 Code, § 1356.05) (Ord. 10-86, passed 3-18-86; Am. Ord. 82-87, passed 12-1-87)