(A)   Conditions to be met. The Planning Commission, prior to the issuance of a conditional zoning certificate, shall establish by clear and convincing evidence that the general standards hereinafter set forth and the specific regulations in § 154.545 pertinent to each proposed use have been substantially met and satisfied by the applicant seeking the zoning certificate.  The Planning Commission may only impose conditions which are specifically set forth in this Zoning Code.
   (B)   General standards. The Planning Commission shall review the particular facts and circumstances of each proposed use in terms of the following standards:
      (1)   Will be harmonious with and in accordance with the general objectives or with any specific objective of the Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan of current adoption and this chapter.
      (2)   Will be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained so as to be harmonious and appropriate in appearance with the existing or intended character of the general vicinity and that such a use will not change the essential character of the same area.
      (3)   Will not be hazardous or disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses.
      (4)   Will not be detrimental to property in the immediate vicinity or to the community as a whole.
      (5)   Will be served adequately by essential public facilities and services such as highways, streets, police and fire protection, drainage structures, refuse disposal and schools, or that the persons or agencies responsible for the establishment of the proposed use shall be able to provide adequately any such service.
      (6)   All structures, roads and utilities shall be in compliance with the city subdivision regulations, the Board of Health standards, and the Building Code.
      (7)   Will have vehicular approaches to the property which shall be so designed as not to create an interference with traffic on surrounding public streets or roads.
   (C)   Renewal of conditional zoning certificate.  The Planning Commission may require a conditional zoning certificate be on a periodic renewal basis.  The period of time will be determined by the Planning Commission.
(‘65 Code, § 1309.04)  (Am. Ord. 09-018, passed 7-21-09)