(A)   Preliminary discussion meeting required.
      (1)   Prior to an application being placed on the Planning Commission's agenda, the applicant or the applicant's agent shall contact the Planning Director and establish a preliminary discussion meeting. The purpose of the preliminary discussion meeting is to allow city agencies and officials involved in site development to review the proposal and comment on the plan's compliance with the Comprehensive Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan, public service provisions and other health, safety and welfare regulations.
      (2)   The applicant shall provide the Planning Director with ten sets of a general development plan, which shall show existing and proposed lot lines, existing and proposed structures, parking lots, access drives and circulation, public and private utilities and easement and other pertinent site data. The plans shall be distributed to other city agencies involved in site development for review prior to the discussion meeting.
      (3)   At the discussion meeting, the city agencies shall provide feedback and recommendations for plan revisions to the applicant. The applicant will then have an opportunity to revise the plan to address the concerns and issues raised before making a formal submittal for Planning Commission review.
   (B)   A general development plan review by the City Planning Commission is required for all proposed uses permitted under § 154.351 according to procedures detailed in § 154.070.
   (C)   Prior to approval of the general development plan, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing and the Zoning Inspector or his or her designee shall notify in writing the owners of all properties adjacent to and across the street from the project area. Such written notification shall be sent by regular mail at least ten days prior to the hearing.
(Ord. 07-109, passed 11-20-07)