§ 76.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   When any vehicle is found parked in violation of this chapter and not towed as provided herein, a citation shall be placed on such vehicle directing the owner of the vehicle or other person who parked such vehicle to pay a penalty of $10 for violations of § 76.04(C), (E), (G), (L), (O), (Q) and  § 76.14 (D); $25 for violations of § 76.04(D), (J), § 76.13(B), § 76.31 and $5 for all other violations of this chapter within 48 hours and an additional $5 onto the specified penalty after 48 hours from the issuance of the citation at the Parking Violations Bureau established by § 76.46.
   (B)   Any person who causes, allows or permits a vehicle to be parked in violation of any provision of this chapter and who fails to comply with division (A) above by not making payment at the Parking Violations Bureau within 14 days, shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
   (C)   Divisions (A) and (B) of this section shall not apply to violations of §§ 76.01, 76.02, 76.05 and 76.06, which shall instead be subject to the penalties set forth in those sections.
   (D)   Except as provided for in any section of Chapter 76, the City shall use all monies collected as a result of violations of any section contained in Chapter 76, for any lawful municipal purpose.
(Ord. 04-011, passed 1-20-04; Am. Ord. 06-042, passed 4-18-06; Am. Ord. 12-074, passed 9-18-12)
   For misdemeanor classifications, see § 70.99