§ 76.13  FIRE LANES.
   (A)   FIRE LANE means an 20-foot wide section of a street, alley, highway or driveway nearest to an adjacent curb, building, structure or obstruction whereby a sign or signs are posted designating such 20-foot wide strip as a fire lane. At least 13 feet 6 inches nominal vertical clearance shall be provided and maintained over the full width of a fire lane.
   (B)   In addition to signs required by division (A) herein, where required by a fire code official, pavement markings that include the words "NO PARKING – FIRE LANE" shall be provided to provide for fire department access and enhance the notification of the vehicle parking and standing prohibition.
   (C)   No person shall park or stand a vehicle in a designated fire lane whether such fire lane shall be on public or private property.
   (D)   Fire lanes on private property shall be designated as such by the Director of Public Safety upon the concurrence thereof by the owner of such private property.
   (E)   In addition to the issuance of a citation for a violation of division (B) hereof, the Police Department is hereby authorized to impound a vehicle found in violation of this section if the owner or operator of such vehicle cannot be found within a reasonable period of time to remove such vehicle from the fire lane, which reasonable time shall be determined by the police officer at the scene. The owner or operator of such vehicle, in the case of an impounded vehicle, shall be responsible for all costs of such impounding.
   (F)   Citations for violations of this section and for violations of the prohibition in § 76.04, regarding parking within ten feet of a fire hydrant, may be issued either by an officer of the Police Department or by the Fire Chief, an Assistant Fire Chief or a firefighter/paramedic acting as a fire inspector.
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