Section 12.48.090   Rejection and notice.
   A.   If an applicant fails to comply with the requirements specified in Sections 12.48.040, 12.48.050, and/or 12.48.060, the committee shall deny the application and notify the applicant in writing of the committee's action.
   B.   If, after receiving a complete application, the committee is unable to make the findings required by Section 12.48.080, the committee shall notify the applicant why, based on the information in the committee's possession, the committee was unable to make the required findings and shall request additional information that could enable the committee to make the required findings.
   C.   Any notice of denial shall state with specificity the reasons for the application's denial and shall identify the provision or provisions of this chapter upon which the denial is based.
   D.   All notices sent pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the United States post office in the city, postage prepaid, addressed to the applicant at his/her address as provided in the application, or be sent via electronic mail to the address provided in the application. (Ord. 2018-05 § 2 (part), 2018)