10.18.110   Issuance of permits.
   A.   Parking permits shall be issued by the public works director. Each such permit shall be designed by the director to state or reflect thereon the particular residential permit parking area as well as the license number of the motor vehicle for which it is issued. No more than one parking permit shall be issued to each motor vehicle for which application is made. Parking permits shall not be issued for vehicles for which any notice of violation of parking rules and restrictions is outstanding and unpaid. The public works director shall issue such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter, governing the manner in which persons shall qualify for parking permits.
   B.   Parking permits may be issued for motor vehicles only upon application by the following persons:
   1.   A legal resident of the residential permit parking area who has a motor vehicle which is both registered in his or her name, and registered at his or her address within that residential permit parking area, or a legal resident of the residential permit parking area who has a motor vehicle for his or her exclusive use and under his or her control where such motor vehicle is registered to his or her employer and he or she presents a valid employee identification card or other proof of employment that is acceptable to the public works director;
   2.   A legal resident of the residential permit parking area who has a motor vehicle registered to a vehicle-leasing company and leased to the resident's employer, providing such vehicle for the resident's exclusive use and provided proof of the lease agreement which is acceptable to the public works director and shows that the vehicle is registered in compliance with the California Vehicle Code;
   3.   A legal resident of the residential permit parking area for display upon a rented motor vehicle, provided that no such permit shall be valid for more than fourteen (14) days from the date of issuance or renewal thereof;
   4.   A legal resident of a residential permit parking area for use by bona fide transient visitors therein. Such a “long-term” visitor permit shall have all the rights and privileges of a regular permit. A “long-term” visitor permit shall be valid for no more than fourteen (14) days from the date of issuance. No resident of a residential permit parking area shall be issued more than one “long-term” visitor permit at any one time;
   5.   The public works director may issue a temporary permit valid for a minimum of fourteen (14) days and maximum of four weeks, on a one-time basis, for a legal resident of the residential permit parking area upon presentation of satisfactory proof of such new residency.
   C.   In succeeding years, a resident parking permit may be obtained by mail, but an initial permit requires the resident or an authorized representative to appear in person at Visalia City Hall with the following two items of documentation:
   1.   A valid California automobile registration showing the applicant's (resident's) car registered and principally garaged in the applicant's (resident's) name at the current Visalia address;
   2.   Proof of residency bearing the applicant's (resident's) name and Visalia address. The proof of residency must be current, postmarked within the past thirty (30) days. Examples of proof of residency include:
   a.   Gas, electric or telephone bill,
   b.   Cable television bill,
   c.   Monthly bank statement (excluding mortgage),
   d.   Credit card bill.
   D.   With each parking permit, three visitors permits (short term permits) shall be issued, each bearing the street address of the residence, the date of issue and the same identification number as the parking permit. These permits are designed to be placed on the dashboard of a visiting vehicle in such a manner as to be clearly visible.
   1.   It is unlawful and a violation of this chapter for a resident to lend, rent, sell or give away a visitors permit or to allow the use of a visitors permit for any purpose other than a personal visitation by the visitor. However, a resident may lend a visitors permit to another resident for use by that resident should there be a personal visitation by more than three visitors, thereby exceeding the three visitors permits issued pursuant to subsection (D) of this section. Upon conviction, a person shall be punished by revocation of his or her own residential parking permit and all visitors permits. Any motor vehicle displaying such a revoked permit will be considered to be in violation of this chapter and the violation shall be deemed an infraction.
   2.   A resident may request not more than twenty (20) additional visitors permits from the public works director. Such additional visitors permits shall be valid for only one day which shall be clearly marked on the permit. (Ord. 9901 § 1 (Exh. A (part), 1999)