Chapter 10.20
10.20.010   Driving through funeral procession.
10.20.020   Clinging to moving vehicle.
10.20.030   Commercial vehicles using private driveways.
10.20.040   Riding or driving on sidewalk.
10.20.050   New pavement and markings.
10.20.060   Obedience to barriers and signs.
10.20.070   No entrance into intersection that would obstruct traffic.
10.20.080   Limited access.
10.20.090   Restrictions on use of freeways.
10.20.100   Traffic barriers.
10.20.110   Parking and pedestrian regulations on city property.
10.20.120   Transit property damage.
10.20.130   Use of transit property.
10.20.140   Lost or unclaimed property.
10.20.150   Railway gates.
10.20.160   Trains not to block crossings.
10.20.170   Movement of heavy vehicles and equipment--Permit required.
10.20.180   Flange wheel machinery.
10.20.190   Restrictions on use of certain vehicles in the city.
10.20.192   Definitions.
10.20.194   Exceptions.
10.20.196   Nuisance.
10.20.200   Reckless driving prohibited.
10.20.210   Driving, standing, or parking on private property prohibited.
10.20.220   Signs identifying hours of closure.
10.20.230   Violation--Penalty.