10.12.080   Official city list of zones.
   A.   Also, pursuant to this chapter there shall be established an official city “speed zone list.”
   B.   The city manager shall cause the prima facie speed limits, adopted pursuant to this chapter, to be placed on the speed zone list.
   C.   The city manager shall keep a record of all resolutions hereafter adopted designating the prima facie speed zone limits and shall cause notation of such records and such roadways or portions thereof, to be placed on said list.
   D.   Whenever any speed zone or portion thereof is changed or deleted, the city manager shall cause the speed zone list to reflect such change or deletion.
   E.   Said speed zone list shall be prima facie evidence of the existence and legality of the speed zones upon the roadways, or portions thereof, and the legality for placing the appropriate speed zone signs as required by this chapter.
   F.   The speed zone list shall be deemed to be incorporated herein. (Res. 2015-46, 2015; Res. 2014-49, 2014; Res. 2014-19, 2014; Prior code § 3002.6)