Chapter 10.08
Article 1. Traffic Control Devices
10.08.010   Authority to install traffic control devices.
10.08.020   Traffic control signs required for enforcement purposes.
10.08.030   Obedience to traffic control devices.
10.08.040   Installation of traffic signals.
10.08.050   Lane marking.
10.08.060   Distinctive roadway markings.
10.08.070   Authority to remove, relocate and discontinue traffic control devices.
10.08.080   Traffic control devices--Hours of operation.
10.08.090   Unauthorized painting of curbs.
10.08.100   Special speed zones--Regulation of speed by traffic signals.
Article 2. Turning Movements
10.08.110   Authority to place turning markers—Intersections—Multiple lanes.
10.08.120   Authority to place restricted turn signs.
10.08.130   Signal controlled intersections—Right turns.
10.08.140   One-way streets and alleys.
Article 3. Special Stops Required
10.08.150   The city manager to erect stop signs.
10.08.160   Stop at through street or stop sign.
10.08.170   Emerging from alley, driveway or building.
Article 4. Pedestrian Regulations
10.08.180   City manager to establish marked crosswalks.
10.08.190   When pedestrians must use crosswalks.