(a)    No person shall, in any manner, place or cause to be placed or to appear on any structure or premises of another, within the City without the consent of the person entitled to the possession of the structure or premises, any handbill, notice, lettering, character or disfigurement.
         (b)    This section shall not apply to the posting of any handbill or notice required, or otherwise specifically authorized, by law, to be posted.
(1984 Code Sec. 110.01)
         705.02 LICENSE REQUIRED.
         No person, except as otherwise provided in this section and Sections 705.03 to 705.11, as principal, agent or employee, shall post, place, erect, fasten up, distribute, maintain or display in the City any bill, sign, card, pamphlet, circular or other matter containing any advertising, unless there is first obtained from the Director of Finance a license to do so.
(1984 Code Sec. 110.05)