4.7.1.    (OS)
   The purpose of the (OS) is to designate both public and private resources in order to:
   A.   Preserve significant natural resources and , such as areas of undisturbed , major rock outcrops, major ridges and , habitats, and valuable vegetated wash segments;
   B.   Promote restoration of to provide visual, recreational, and habitat amenities;
   C.   Preserve vestiges of the natural desert landscape and provide opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and more passive recreation in a natural setting;
   D.   Contribute to the preservation of wildlife habitat, especially interconnected areas that foster the free movement of wildlife within the ;
   E.   Promote a continued economic benefit to the region by protecting areas for the visual and recreational enjoyment of residents and visitors alike; and,
   F.   Provide a mechanism for recognizing and protecting public and private lands that have been designated for preservation by the property owner.