General Provisions
   152.001   Interpretation
   152.002   Non-interference with greater restrictions otherwise imposed
   152.003   Definitions
   152.004   Zone map and establishment of districts
   152.005   District boundaries
   152.006   Procedure relating to annexed or vacated lots
   152.007   Administration; Building Commissioner; Board of Zoning Appeals; Plan Commission
Permit Procedures
   152.020   General intent
   152.021   Variance procedures
Residential Zoning Districts
   152.035   Establishment of residential zoning districts
   152.036   Residential district regulations
   152.037   R-1 Residential District One Regulations
   152.038   R-2 Residential District Two Regulations
   152.039   R-3 Residential District Three Regulations
   152.040   R-4 Residential District Four Regulations
   152.041   Accessory uses
   152.042   Residential district special regulations
Industrial and Commercial Business Districts
   152.055   I-1 Light Industrial District Regulations
   152.056   CB Commercial Business Regulations
   152.057   Commercial Areas along Local Roads
   152.058   Commercial Areas along State Highways 135 and 252
Other Zoning Districts
   152.070   A Agricultural District
   152.071   AC Agricultural Conservation District
Parking and Loading Regulations
   152.085   Off-street parking regulations
   152.086   Off-street loading regulations
Sign Regulations
   152.100   Sign regulations
Comprehensive Plans of Major Streets and Highways
   152.115   Thoroughfare maps and drawings
   152.116   Designation of thoroughfares
   152.117   Policies and directives
   152.118   Consideration by public agencies
   152.119   Issuance of permits
   152.120   Street improvements program
   152.121   Thoroughfare Fund
   152.122   Authority and method for procedure
   152.123   Priority of thoroughfare improvements
   152.124   Procedure for amendments
   152.135   Filing fees
   152.136   Late filing fees
Enforcement Procedures
   152.150   Enforcement
   152.151   Severance