§ 110.05 LICENSE FEES.
   (A)   All fees and charges for licenses shall be paid at the time application is made. When an applicant has not engaged in the business until after the expiration of part of the current license year, the license fee shall be prorated by quarters and the fee paid for each quarter or fraction thereof during which the business has been or will be conducted. If the applicant has failed to renew the license on or before August 1 of the year, the fee for the license shall be doubled. All license fees shall become part of the City General Fund.
   (B)   The fee to be paid for all business licenses, unless otherwise stated in this chapter and regardless of the type of business to be licensed, shall be $50, plus an additional $5 for each full-time employee of the business.
      (1)   The number of full-time employees shall be the average number employed by the applicant.
      (2)   It shall be the duty of the Code Enforcement Officer to determine the number of employees upon which to base said fee. The Code Enforcement Officer shall require of all applicants an affidavit stating the number of employees upon which such a fee shall be paid. In addition, the Code Enforcement Officer may require other proof in order to correctly determine the number of employees upon which the license fee shall be based.
      (3)   If the number of full-time employees cannot be determined through documentation, the applicant shall certify a number based upon their good faith estimate.
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