549.02. Firearms discharge restricted.
   (a)   No person shall discharge within the City, any cannon of whatever description, or cartridge, or discharge any firearm, pistol, shotgun, rifle or handgun, provided however, the provisions of this section shall not apply to the use of explosives or cartridges for legitimate commercial or industrial purposes; and this section shall apply to any person, firm, or corporation and to their officers, agents, servants and employees.
   (b)   Trapshooting and indoor target shooting shall however be permitted on the premises of gun clubs organized for such purposes and otherwise operating as provided by law.
   (c)   Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 505.01 of this code, firearms may be discharged during the course of legitimate wildlife management or culling activities undertaken by a governmental or quasi-governmental entity with approval of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and with the approval of the Director of Public Safety of the City of Toledo, based on (1) the demonstrated need for such wildlife management or culling activities, and (2) the implementation of recognized, proven safety precautions in such activities, such as: the use of experienced program partners with established records of safety to perform such activities; the use of infrared scopes for spotting targets at night; the use of elevated platforms to ensure a downward projectile trajectory; and the use of spotters to confirm targeting. Such wildlife management or culling activities shall not be considered "hunting" under this Code.
   (d)   It shall not be a violation of this section if a firearm is discharged by a governmental official acting in the official course and scope of that official's duties.
   (e)   It shall not be a violation of this section if a firearm is discharged under circumstances that would be recognized as self-defense under state law.
   (f)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
(Ord. 70-17. Passed 2-7-17.)