Residential Rental Properties and Lead Safety Compliance
1760.01   Policy and intent.
1760.02   Obligations for residential rental properties and family child care homes.
1760.03   Obtaining a Lead-Safe Certificate.
1760.04   Definitions.
1760.05   Presumption of lead-based paint.
1760.06   Local lead inspection.
1760.07    Local lead inspectors and workers as registered individuals.
1760.08   Right of inspection and enforcement.
1760.09   Lead-safe residential rental property and Family Child Care Home Registry implementation and compliance.
1760.10   Prohibition of retaliatory action.
1760.11   Protections for tenants.
1760.12    Lead poisoning prevention materials for tenants, tenant protection for families living in rental properties and requirements for rental property owners to provide lead poisoning information.
1760.13    Lead poisoning prevention resources and technical support for residential rental property owners and family child care homes.
1760.14    Compliance.
1760.15    Exemptions.
1760.99    Penalty.